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Deltares USA, Inc.

Edwin Elias

Dr. Edwin Elias
Specialist, Coastal Engineering, Deltares USA, Inc.
Dr. Edwin Elias has 15 years of experience in the field of morphodynamic analysis and modeling of barrier-coast systems. Edwin Elias graduated from Delft University of Technology in 1999 and completed a PhD. study on the morphodynamic behavior of tidal inlet systems. In 2003 he received the Coastal Engineering Award for part of this study. In 2005 he joined Deltares as a coastal engineer and accepted a position as Visiting Scientist with the US Geological Survey in California. At USGS he provided assistance and support in a range of coastal hydrodynamic and morphodynamic modelling projects. After returning to the Netherlands in 2011 he has been leading the Coastal Inlets and Estuaries part of the KPP- Knowledge Primary Processes program. Since October 2015, he is back in the US again working at Deltares USA, Inc.

Matthijs LemansMatthijs Lemans
Hydrologist, Deltares USA, Inc.
Mr. Matthijs Lemans is an hydrologist with an in-depth practical and technical experience in the development of flood forecasting and warning systems, and operational management systems for reservoirs and other controlled water systems. In the period 2007-08, he worked for the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment on several projects related to climate change, river analyses and flood forecasting. He joined Deltares in 2008 where he has been developing flood forecast systems using the Delft-FEWS technology for national and international clients. Since 2012, Mr Lemans works for Deltares-USA in a key role of flood forecasting system and reservoir management specialist for clients like the National Weather Service, Tennessee Valley Authority and Bonneville Power Authority. He is a strong communicator, and is able to turn conceptual ideas about system design efficiently into working systems with a high user satisfaction.

Unknown personBen Balk
Hydrologist, Deltares USA, Inc.
Mr. Ben Balk is a hydrologist at Deltares USA. Ben has a B.S. degree in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and a M.S degree in Watershed Sciences from Colorado State University.  Prior to joining Deltares USA Be served as a hydrologist with the National Weather Service (NWS) in Alaska for 14 years.  At the Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center (APRFC) Ben focused on the operations and development of hydrologic models for daily flow and flood forecasting.  He has broad experience in the analysis and assimilation of real-time hydrometeorological data and in operating the core models of the NWS River Forecast System.  While at APRFC Ben developed expertise in many facets of the NWS hydrology program including model calibration, ensemble streamflow prediction and snow modeling.  He played a lead role in the migration to the Community Hydrologic Predicition System (CHPS) using the Delft-FEWS operational forecasting platform.  Ben was central in the configuration and implementation of CHPS at the APRFC.  Ben represented the APRFC on numerous national NWS teams and at national CHPS meetings.  From 2013-2015 Ben worked at AMEC serving as the technical lead for hydrologic and reservoir calibrations for the NWS.  Ben has also actively assisted TVA in their modernization of their River Forecast System to the Delft-FEWS platform, including the migration of the core hydrothermal modeling system into FEWS.  Ben joined Deltares USA in 2015 and continues to be involved in FEWS-related projects for the NWS, TVA and other clients.  Currently he is involved in the early study/design of hydrothermal model improvements at TVA and their future incorporation into their existing FEWS application.

karelKarel Heynert
Specialist, Flood Management, Deltares USA, Inc.
Mr. Karel Heynert is a flood management specialist at Deltares USA and is based in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has an MSc degree in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Both as project leader and specialist he has participated in research and applied projects focusing on water resources, flood risk assessment and management, flood and drought forecasting, and the conceptual design of complex water management systems for over 28 years. In the Netherlands, he has been actively involved in the national “Room for the River program”, and regional space for water projects. Karel has been leading the Deltares contribution to the 20 MUSD Netherlands’ Flood Control 2015 research programme on operational flood risk management (floodcontrol2015.com) from 2008-13. Throughout his career, he has worked on numerous international projects in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, the Middle East and other countries. His work in the United States included the design and initial implementation of the Community Hydrologic Prediction System (CHPS) – the national river forecast system that is based on Delft FEWS (oss.deltares.nl/web/delft-fews) – for the National Weather Service. Currently he is involved in the design and development of the “Rebuild by Design – Living with the Bay” project in Nassau County on Long Island.

Deltares (DNL)

Freek ScheelFreek Scheel
Researcher & Consultant Coastal Engineering at Deltares (DNL)
Mr. Freek Scheel is a coastal engineer with experience in a range of topics in the field of coastal morphodynamics. He gained much of his experience through coastal development impact studies around the world, with particular focus on detailed numerical modelling of sand-mud dynamics, channel siltation and coastline dynamics. Building forward upon his coastal engineering M.Sc. degree, obtained at Delft University of Technology with particular interest in these aspects. In his current position as a researcher and consultant in coastal engineering at Deltares, Freek is also involved in coastal engineering R&D, primarily focusing on uncertainty quantification and interactive rapid-assessment tool development, for which he holds coordinator and product owner positions. Furthermore, Freek has provided several project-tailored courses and lectures focusing on coastal engineering and most notably detailed numerical modelling using in-house process-based numerical models such as Delft3D FM and UNIBEST. Freek enjoys contributing to knowledge development valorisation through hydro- and morphodynamic modelling tool developments, originating from both theoretic- and practical experience gained in various R&D- and consultancy studies.

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