Delft-FEWS – Configuration Course

Monday March 7 & Tuesday March 8 (8:00–17:00)


Delft-FEWS is an open data handling platform, initially developed as a hydrological forecasting and warning system. Essentially, it is a sophisticated collection of modules designed for building a Forecasting, Evaluation and Early Warning System. Because of its unique characteristics concerning data importing, processing and model connections, Delft-FEWS has also been applied in a wide range of different operational situations. Examples are water quality forecasting, reservoir management, operational sewer management optimization, and water information systems.Delft FEWS – Basic Configuration Course

This Delft-FEWS Configuration course will provide an introduction into setting up a FEWS system. The following topics will be addressed: configuration basics, importing and processing data, general adapter and model adapter concept, post-processing and visualization, and exporting and reporting data. Most elements will be accompanied with hands-on exercises. A brief demonstration and explanation of a Delft-FEWS ‘live system’ is also part of this course.

Delft-FEWS – Water Coach

Tuesday March 8 (8:00–17:00)


Deltares’ Flood Early Warning System (Delft-FEWS) is a sophisticated collection of modules designed for building forecasting or water information systems customized to the specific requirements of individual agencies. In real life, the crisis response professionals work with different Delft-FEWS applications in order to set up their operational forecasts. Water Coach provides a realistic environment to allow forecasters to train their capabilities in effectively handling flood and drought events with their Delft-FEWS application. Water Coach replicates the actual Delft-FEWS operational environment used during crisis almost completely. This means that the trainee can access meteorological and hydrodynamic model results and measurements relevant for the exercise scenario within the familiar operational environment. The only difference is that Water Coach generally works with pre-simulated model runs in order to avoid long simulation times during exercises. A crisis scenario in Water Coach consists of all data related to the weather and water situation. Each scenario contains several scripts (i.e. story lines) to enable training of different learning objectives. A script describes everything that is not data from the model, such as a weather forecast update or a news bulletin related to emergency events.Delft FEWS – Water Coach

This course will introduce the participants to the Water Coach. They will be trained in general basics of the Water Coach, how to develop and configure exercise scenario, and how to set up training modules using the Water Coach in conjunction with their Delft-FEWS application.