North American Deltares Software Days 2016

Deltares USA is organizing a four-day programme in Portland (OR), USA to reach out to our Delft-FEWS and Delft3D clients and future clients on the American Continent.

We would like to invite you to get in touch with us and
attend most interesting events to be held between 7 and 10 March

Delft-FEWS – In October last year, during the Delft Software Days (DSD-INT 2015) in Delft, we have had many requests for a Delft-FEWS User Meeting in North America. Strengthened by the success of the Delft-FEWS User Days in Australia (April 2015), we are happy to inform you about the North American Delft-FEWS User Days 2016 that we are planning in March 2016.

Delft-FEWS - User Days - AUS

To accompany these User Days, we offer the possibility to join a 2-day Delft-FEWS configuration course and a 1-day course on the Delft-FEWS Water Coach. Please scroll down for the programme and link to the website for more details. Directly to Delft-FEWS courses: here.

Delft3D – The launch of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2016 took place during the DSD-INT 2015 in November and is currently available for download – introducing optimal modelling flexibility and ease in setting up new model grids, modifying existing ones, or locally increasing resolution, in a completely new graphical user interface.

To serve all users on the American Continent, we offer a 2-day course to get you up and running with the Delft3D 4 Suite and a course that will get you acquainted with the new interface and features of the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2016. Check out the Delft3D courses here.

Date Event Subject
7-8 March 2-day course Delft-FEWS – Configuration Course
8 March 1-day course Delft-FEWS – Water Coach
9-10 March 2-day course Delft3D – Getting Started
9-10 March User Days North American Delft-FEWS User Days 2016

Registration & Payment

Attending a course requires registration and payment of the course fee in advance. Once you have registered, you will receive information on how to pay for participation in the events.